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15624563_303906600010979_2260463411261341696_nIt’s important to start the year out right. I’ve finished a lot of stock for the tables I’ll be inhabiting at a few select dates this year and I’ve started work on a beautiful shawl.

January is my birth month and, while I love the rain and snow, it can feel very grey. So what better way to explore colour than a gorgeous ball of yarn. The yarn featured here is Zauberball Fische, a lovely green-red-blue colourway. I’ve been addicted to making shawls for a few months now, and I’m hoping to get some done and blocked and up into the Etsy store soon.

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OK! True believers!

I will be at OK TRUE BELIEVERS in Cheltenham tomorrow (06th February) with some stock and my friend who sells comics!


Please come say Hi at table M8 if you happen to be there.

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Sew many things.

If you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not until you look back that you realise how much you’ve done.  Over the past year I’ve sewn for friends and for charity, as well as for sales. I’ve read books and used their patterns, modified their patterns and made my own, it’s been a fun trip!

Just a few examples of things I’ve finished. The owl bag is my first attempt at a zippered bag, the little flower pouch is based on a Japanese bag design and the pig is Sir Lion the pig, who now resides with a good friend of mine in Texas (along with Sir Loin the lion). Yes, I am entirely the kind of person who will sew several plushes over an in joke.

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Getting back to Geek


Learning a few little tips and tricks, trying to work up some new designs and practice new skills while I’m at it. I have a lot of fun just finding combos of colours that work, such as the lovely grey and vivid greens on this bag in progress. Sometimes the fabrics make it easy – I’ve found some gorgeous pieces over the last few years, from geek chic to simply adorable, and it’s time they were sewn up and developed for other people to enjoy.


After several rough years with a major project in the business I work in that’s taken me over parts of the UK, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s always going to be hectic and so, it’s time to say screw it and get back to the things I enjoy. Sewing. Beading. Crochet. Crafting and creating cute and cool things that I can sell in order to make more cute and cool things. Making BJD clothes for the ever growing army of Resin. Learning new techniques and getting better at old ones.


I have promised that I will get an Etsy up by the 1st of January, so look out for that and more regular blog posts, coming soon!

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The 4 Most Amazing Electric Shock Stories According to a 1923 Contest

Lol, great series of allegedly true stories of electrification!


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Steampunk leather Double Holster & Ammo Pouch by Harlotsandangels

Steampunk leather Double Holster & Ammo Pouch by Harlotsandangels

When my shoulder gets back to normal I really want to make these!

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Blind Squirrel Props update

Blind Squirrel Props update

It seems like he’s been working on the Toy Story Robot for ages now, but it looks like it’s finally nearing completion!

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Great Buzz Bee Double Shot Steampunk Mod

Great Buzz Bee Double Shot Steampunk Mod

Here’s ajldesign’s great Steampunk take on the Buzz Bee double shot. I’ve steampunk’d one of these myself and they look great. The basic design looks way more victorian than nearly anything Nerf produces!

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Pocket watch Arc Reactor

Pocket watch Arc Reactor

One look for a steampunk Iron Man.

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The house that wasn’t there…

The house that wasn’t there…

Great article about a row of house built near the Circle and District lines aren’t really there.

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